01476 563105
Appoline House, 137 Dysart Road, Grantham,
Lincolnshire, NG13 7DL
01476 563105
Appoline House, 137 Dysart Road, Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG13 7DL

Independent Patient Price List


Join our Practice Patient Plan at Appoline Dental Care for as little as £7.00 per month!*

20% discount on Fillings - Depending on size of filling, what materials and which teeth the cost can range from £28.00 to £96.00.

10% discount on Crowns - These vary in price and start from £300.

Cosmetic Crown & Bridgework is priced on appointment


What’s the difference in private and independent dentistry?
Looking after your teeth can be expensive. Bills for a polish with the dental clinician, or more extensive dental treatment like a filling or crown can quickly mount up.
Our independent scheme is designed to help you manage the cost of routine dental treatment and help towards the cost of the unexpected (fillings).
Please note that Tooth whitening & Cosmetic work is not included in this scheme and a discount is also not available on any teeth whitening procedures.

What’s the difference in NHS and Independent dentistry?
At the practice we reserve a Wednesday solely for our private and independent patients. This means it is much easier to book an appointment and the waiting time for appointments is reduced
Appointment times are also different – private and independent patients are allocated longer appointment slots.       


Children of patients will be seen on the NHS.

Under the scheme you will be covered for your Emergency appointments.
The routine examination appointments (6 monthly check ups) Including 2 scale and polishes and your x-rays.
20 % off fillings - The fillings may be white or grey (amalgam)
If you require any further treatment an estimate will be given and as a member of our scheme a discount of 10% will be deducted off crowns & bridges

Any fillings that need replacing within 1 year will be covered by the scheme.
Once annual allocation of appointments have been used, a charge is applied. For missed appointments fees can be incurred.

If you wish to join our scheme please ask at Reception for a direct debit form

*7 months in advance due on first appointment.



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